“Excellent time.”

Is there anything better than a pool in the summertime? Not much.

All the cousins (well, besides Oliver and Lucy) made up a game called “excellent time” in which they all jumped into the pool at the same time while yelling “excellent time!”. Kind of hilarious.

I love how Ciara not only plugs her nose but also covers her eyes every time she jumps in the pool. So cute.

And I just have to say that up until this day Ben had NEVER jumped in a pool alone. He would only ever do it holding our hands and never go right under the water. And this day he jumped in over and over and over again all by himself, with no parent even within arms reach (don’t tell the pool authority people). I was so darned proud of him.

It’s like a summertime miracle! Oh summer, how can there only be mere weeks of you left? Sad.


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