Couch potatoes.

I’ve tried my hardest to raise lazy kids. I don’t want those kind of kids that are like “Mom! Mom! Play with me! Play with me!” (who does?).  I don’t care how old they are, every child should be taught to watch endless hours of tv without uttering even a single word so that their mamas can play on facebook or blog or maybe do housework (but more likely just browse the web).

Seth and Benjamin were pretty easy to train. One day we popped on Baby Einstein and we never really looked back. Oliver’s been a little more difficult. He’s coming up on 16 months and has yet to watch an entire episode of anything. It’s sad really.

BUT we’re getting there. The other day I put a movie on for the boys and Oliver immediately ran to the couch to climb up and watch with them.

It only lasted a few minutes, and I had to remain close because of Oliver’s tendency to fall/jump/walk off of couches. But baby steps, right? Hopefully by the time my next baby arrives I will have three well-rounded lazybones children. The goal of every mother.

3 thoughts on “Couch potatoes.

  1. Christine says:

    I love your honesty Nikki!! 🙂 Why do I remember you saying once that your kids don’t watch tv… I guess that has changed?

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