Oliver loves bananas. I know I’ve talked about this before, but I really mean it. This is a serious love. “Nana” (banana) was his first word besides Dada. We always have plenty of bananas at home (thank goodness it’s the cheapest fruit)  and we try to limit Oliver to one banana a day but he usually gets two.

If you ask him if he wants a banana he starts running for his highchair saying, “nana! nana! nana!”

Then I peel the banana and hand it over. It’s usually gone in under a minute. I’m not joking.

I sometimes break his banana in half for him. Apparently he was soooo hungry for a banana the other day, that two pieces were way better than one.

He totally ate it like that, shoving two pieces in his mouth at a time. Bananas are just that good to Oliver! He’s bananas for them. (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.)


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