A lovely Monday morning.

As much as I hate that it means the weekend is over and that Neil is headed back to work for five more days, I really kind of love Monday mornings. I like a fresh new week.

This morning everyone woke up quiet and happy and as the boys and I ate breakfast together I couldn’t help but think how lucky I am to stay home with these guys almost every day. They really are the best.

Today I’m feeling extra motivated (which is usually the case on Mondays- by Friday I pretty much do nothing). We’ve got a lot on our to-do list today.

The kids room has been overtaken by toys. We’re going to sort through them and hopefully  have a lot to give away by the end of the day.

I’m hoping to organize part of the pantry. It’s never been properly organized and looks like I just come home from grocery shopping and throw everything in there and hope it lands on a shelf. Which is sort of true.

It’s washing sheets day. Probably my favorite part of Mondays. Especially now that I have new, extra-soft, extra loverly sheets.

We are going to plant a few trees today. Just in a pot to be re-planted at a later date, but the kids want to do this. We got some free seedlings at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday and I guess I can’t just leave them in my purse forever.

And last, but not least, I need to register the kids for swimming lessons today. Registration opens this morning and this is always one of the most stressful days of my year (I shouldn’t complain, I guess!). The system is just terrible and usually leaves me trying to login online or get through on the phone for several hours, if not the whole day, often to find out the classes are already full. I’m confident that this will not be  the case today. Think good thoughts, think good thoughts.

Well, it is time for cup of coffee number 2, and then I’m off to strip beds and sort toys. Here’s to Monday!

And just because…


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