The trouble with guacamole.

The trouble with guacamole is the avocados apparently.
Or maybe just my pit-removal method is the problem.
Regardless, if you are making guacamole, be careful. Because you might end up with stitches.
At least, that’s what happened to me.
In reviewing the situation since it occurred, I’ve decided it is best NOT to hold half of an avocado in the palm of your hand while stabbing at a slippery pit with a sharp steak knife. Since said steak knife could possibly slip OFF of the pit and then slice right through the soft flesh of a ripe avocado and then continue quickly through the soft flesh of your finger.
At which point you may yell and start freaking out and say, “I’m scared! I’m scared!”
Because you know that what just happened was bad and there is a lot of blood and your wedding rings must be removed over a flapping piece of your finger and at the same time you’re really sad because you were so looking forward to having some lovely fish tacos with some nice guacamole on top. And now instead you’re heading to the emergency room.
And your baby is screaming because you’re freaking out, even if you are trying to be quiet about it. And your big boys are all like, “Can I see Mom? Can I see?” And your husband’s trying not to throw up.
So you head to the emergency department (all by yourself, because that’s how it goes when you have three kids) because your finger looks like this….
{If you don’t like to look at small but gaping wounds, scroll down really fast. Also, you know the blogging nurse in me would have loved to have a much better quality picture but the semi-panicking bleeding me forgot my camera and only had my phone and then of course the battery died…}

But you’re happy when you arrive at the emergency room and see only a couple of people there. And within an hour you have received three stitches, an egg salad sandwich, and a glass of cranberry juice. Your finger hurts but you don’t have to go to work the next day, so that’s an upside I guess.
Anyway, that’s the trouble with guacamole.
If you ask me.

p.s. Remember when Seth got his first stitch? Awwww. Remember how I said I always wished I could have stitches? I take it back. Oh. Too late now.

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