Oliver :: 16 months.

Today is Oliver’s 16-month-birthday.
He’s pretty much the cutest thing ever. No joke. Neil and I are seriously concerned that this unborn child of ours won’t be as cute as Oliver. Because how could it be? Impossible! Oliver’s cuteness is almost too much for me to handle most days. It kills me a little bit every day. I feel sad sometimes because I know he won’t be this size forever. I try to remember that and really get the most out of his baby-ness before it disappears.
Oliver just learned to say Mama. FINALLY. Like, yesterday actually. Now I hear “Mamamamama…Mama! Mama?” all the time, and I couldn’t be happier. I was way down the list in priority when it came to words Oliver learned, so I’m happy the day has finally come. Right after Dada, nana, and choo choo. Oh well, I’ll take it.
Oliver speaks in complete sentences now. He even asks questions. You can’t understand a word he says, but his jibberish really is hilarious. He makes me laugh every day. He’s just so serious about what he’s saying- HE clearly knows what he means!
He’s eating using cutlery now, which is also pretty darn cute, even if it is pretty darn messy too. He sure tries hard.
When you tell Oliver it’s “night night” time, he grabs his little blankie and runs off to find every family member and give them a nice kiss on the mouth. It’s just so sweet.
We all just enjoy Oliver so much- he brings such a fun and happy presence to our family and we love him like crazy!

{photo by happy photo co}

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