The big day.

Today was Seth’s first day of kindergarten. There was a bit of anxiety leading up to this day as we switched to the local school at the last minute and Seth was sad about leaving his other school. We bribed him with a new toy if he was brave and it seemed to do the trick. He was excited to go and especially excited about taking the school bus.

We froze our buns off walking to the school bus. I forgot how cold 2C feels. Really, really cold. Everyone had a jacket on and I had at least put a toque on Oliver, but still. It was freezing. Luckily we only had to wait a few minutes before the bus arrived. I told Seth to wait until all the kids had gotten on so I could talk to his bus driver when he got on too. He was so anxious to get on, “Can I go now, Mom? Can I now?”

He waited in line and eagerly got on the bus like he’d done it a hundred times before (well, he WOULD tell you that he HAS taken a bus before, you know. Once, on a field trip last year. So really he basically IS a pro).

His bus driver was very sweet and had a spot for Seth right at the front of the bus. She also had a friend assigned that would walk Seth into his classroom when they got there and meet him after school at his classroom to walk him to the right bus. His “bus buddy” will help him with this almost all year apparently, which is great.

Anyway, on he got and away they drove.

And then the boys and I walked home. And I cried the whole way. Which is totally NOT like me, and I was not expecting. It was weird, though, to just put him on the bus and hope all goes well.

But at 3:45 we walked back to pick him up (through rain and hail I might add- NOT kidding). He hopped off the bus with a smile and told me he had a good day at school. All did go well, thankfully. I’m so proud!


4 thoughts on “The big day.

  1. Lorraine says:

    I remember the first time I didn’t walk Roselyn to her classroom, she just hopped out of the car and ran in. I sat there wondering if she would make it. How stupid of me really, but it was a big moment. I understand your pain.

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