20 weeks, and the results are in.

Well I’m 20+ weeks now. Halfway done! Heartburn is settling in nicely and my pregnancy-induced restless legs syndrome seems to have kicked into gear as well, so that’s lovely. Other than that though, it’s all good.

Last night I barely slept. I tossed and turned and dreamed of ultrasounds but never got to see what the baby was, and then I’d lay awake and toss and turn some more and finally drift off only to dream of more ultrasounds. And then toss and turn and finally drift off to dreams of Mexico and our puppy only to be woken by Neil’s alarm at 5:40. It was time for the real deal. We were heading to the hospital for our 7am ultrasound appointment.

I told the lady we wanted to know the gender of the baby. She told me they don’t really do that, but they take a picture, send it to the radiologist to read, who then sends the results to my doctor. What?! I didn’t sleep all night and I’m still not going to know what kind of baby I’m having? I must have won her over with my ultra-friendly demeanor, because near the end of the scan she hovered over the money parts for me and told me her thoughts.

Then it was time to get Neil from the waiting room so he could get his first look at our baby.

He sat down on the chair and that’s when I told  him, “You did it, Neil!”

I didn’t know he could, but he did.

Because our baby, it’s a






No, this is not a joke. There are no boy parts apparent (and believe me, I would know). Neil and I watched the screen and wiped away our tears (yes, there were tears. From both of us) and just sat there in a state of semi-shock I think. After three boys, it seems very surreal! Neil apologized to me in advance for spoiling our baby girl terribly, and I apologized in advance for spending all of Neil’s money on pink things for our daughter.

Of course we would have been happy to have a fourth son (because our boys are seriously cute, right?). But we are overwhelmed with happiness and excitement about having our first daughter. And a tiny bit scared too. This is a whole new territory for us.

And we welcome it!

Now please excuse me while I go shopping….

P.S. No, there are no pictures of our fetus. In our excitement we totally forgot to ask for them/order them/whatever it is you’re supposed to do. Oh well, I’m sure there will be plenty of pictures of her in another 18 weeks or so….


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