Neil was in a work baseball tournament last weekend. It was at the ballpark in Winnipeg so we all went along.

The kids really enjoyed watching their dad out in the field and cheering for him. They were pretty impressed by his mad baseball playing skills. To be honest, so was I. Neil hasn’t played baseball in a hundred years but still managed to hit some pretty good ones. I’m sure if I had been out there I would have struck out every time, and if I did manage to hit the ball, I probably wouldn’t have made it to first base without passing out from all that running. Seth was just thrilled with Neil and kept asking me things like, “Did you see how far Dad hit that ball?! That is sooo awesome!” Anyway, go number 5!


Ben happily participated in a photo with me.

I could not convince Seth to do the same. Oliver had a little rest during one of Neil’s games.

The kids went to hang out in the dugout with Neil for a bit.


Neil and mini-Neil:

Neil’s team was down a few runs and was about to be booted out of the tournament when Neil hit a ball way out in the field. Three guys from the opposite team all went running for it at the same time and managed to all run smack into each other. It was actually really hilarious but probably not for the guy who required medical attention, I guess.

The kids and I couldn’t stay for the final game, but we stopped and took some pictures on our way out.



It was a great day, with amazing weather. Seriously, tank tops at the end of September? Love! We all had a lot of fun. I think Neil did too, even if he could barely walk the next day…


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