Missing this.

Oliver is a good sleeper. He goes to bed easily and happily and sleeps all night. He takes wonderfully long naps.

Usually. But the last few days Oliver has been sick with a cold and has been cutting a tooth at the same time. Sick+tooth=very cranky and miserable baby.

Hence, much less of this.

Even though you would naturally assume that sick+tooth=more tired therefore more sleep. Unfortunately that is not the case around here. There’s been a lot of putting Oliver to bed and then listening to him scream because he threw his precious blankie out of his crib (on purpose, I might add). Then there’s been a lot of rocking and cuddling. Repeat, repeat, until we finally rock him to sleep before we put him to bed.

All of that equals some tired and irritable parents that are just praying that this is all over soon and that our good sleeper hasn’t been ruined forever. I just miss this so much…



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