23 weeks.

23 weeks down, 17 to go. (Maybe 15? Hopefully not 19.)

I feel good. People keep asking me how I’m feeling and it always takes me a minute to figure out why they’re asking. I know I complained about heartburn and restless legs syndrome a few weeks ago, but really I take about 5 Tums a week (compared to about 15/day with some previous pregnancies) and if I avoid exhaustion I so far avoid restless legs. Easier said than done maybe, but I find going to bed at 8:45 does the trick. Not joking. Anyway, mostly I feel like my normal self, except that my clothes don’t fit anymore and there’s a small baby kicking me throughout the day.

Although everyone is extremely excited that we are having a girl (over THREE HUNDRED people read the blog the day that announcement was made), it’s taken me a little longer to get on board with being excited. I mean, I AM excited, but at the same time it felt very foreign to me. I think I’ve finally accepted that I will have a daughter for real (although I still think it may just come out a boy after all) and I am finally starting to call the baby “she” instead of “it”. Mostly I’ve just been very unfamiliar with feminine pronouns around this house, so it’s taking some practice.

I made my first purchase for the baby. And it’s not even pink. But it does have flowers! Love!

And I think that after a few weeks of debate that went nowhere, I think we settled on a name. A name we’ve had laying around since we were pregnant with Oliver (and possible Ben?) but totally forgot about until just a couple days ago. I always feel nice about calling my baby by name. Even if it is in secret. You’ll just have to wait to find out!


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