24 1/2 weeks.

I’ve found my new uniform.

Neil’s t-shirt and paint-stained tights. So hot, right? Neil looked less than thrilled when he came home today. I swear I started out in actual clothes this morning, but they were just so uncomfortable. I’m feeling pregnant now and remembering what it’s like to be carrying around a bunch of extra weight all the time. I think I gained 5 pounds over Thanksgiving.

All of a sudden that belly looks pretty big to me considering I’ve still got three+ months to go.
I’m starting to think about decorating the baby and Oliver’s room (they will be sharing) and am gathering up ideas and inspiration over at Pinterest. I guess I better get on it since the fall is already flying by, Christmas will be here before we know it, and then very shortly after that our daughter will be here.
Oliver wanted to get in on the photo shoot…

3 thoughts on “24 1/2 weeks.

  1. mamama says:

    you’re gorgeous as usual…remember I said this was going to be a fat – late – baby girl…. I was right on the baby girl 🙂

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