It seems everyone has hit some milestones lately.
Seth’s been doing math. Like as in,
“Seth, how old will I be at my next birthday?”
“Four. Three plus one is four, Ben. {dramatic pause.} And that’s called math.”
Actually he really seems to like math and to like it when I give him simple math questions to figure out. I’m talking really simple, but still. He gets it, which is cool.

Ben has learned to write his name. All by himself. That’s a big one if you ask me.

Oliver has been saying more and more words. Like “Dotty” and “no” (he only says “no” to Dotty, usually when she’s trying to jump up on his booster seat and eat crumbs off his lap. He hasn’t said no to his parents ever. Yet.) He also says “ka ka” for cracker, “hewwo!”, and just the other day he said “baby” clear as a bell. I almost died of the cuteness of it. Also, lots of climbing going on. Climbing onto my bed, climbing up stools, climbing over chairs. And he mastered the stairs last week, so now he’s heading down to the basement on his own all the time. He likes playing down there, even if no one else is around. 17 months has been a big one for Oliver.

Such geniuses, my children.

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