Head injury.

Yesterday the kids were playing outside with Dotty when all of a sudden Seth came barreling in the door screaming bloody murder. I mean bloody. murder. I looked out the window and saw that Dotty was across the street and one of the neighborhood construction workers was walking her back home to us. I went out to secure Dotty and then went inside to check on Seth. Who was still screaming. Bloody. Murder.
Seth’s a screamer so I have to admit that I didn’t give it too much consideration and was mostly just asking him to CALM DOWN do I could figure out what the heck had happened.
He finally came gasping/screaming to me from his bedroom and that’s when I saw the plum-sized purple goose egg on his forehead. It was intense. Seriously intense. And Seth was still screaming. I tried the usual tactics- a movie, a snack, whatever, to get him to settle down. No go. About 15 minutes into all this he asked if he could go to his bed, and he did, where he fell asleep. At 5:30.
I was getting worried and I was glad Neil was home to help me with the other kids. I reviewed my head injury knowledge and concurred that since there was no loss of consciousness, no vomiting, no dizziness, etc., we were probably good to go. I was hoping Seth would just sleep till morning and I would just check on him periodically to make sure he would wake easily.
Except that 45 minutes later he was awake and screaming again. Seth is generally a really tough kid. Even though he does scream when he is hurt, the screaming rarely lasts more than a minute or two at which point Seth returns to his normally scheduled activities as though nothing ever happened. This continued screaming/inconsolability was just not like Seth and Neil was starting to freak out. I was getting a little worried too. Did Seth break his head? How am I supposed to know?
So I packed him up and we headed to the Children’s Emergency department. Seth cried and slept on the way there. When we got there we met with the triage nurse. Wouldn’t you know that by this point Seth was perfectly calm and stating that his head was feeling a bit better. And the nurse was looking at me like I was retarded while she droned to me, “It’s going to be a long wait, read this…” as she hands me a “Your child has had a minor head injury” pamphlet. We were admitted and headed to the waiting room which is PACKED. After we came in an entire family arrived (with Tim Hortons in tow- no matter how urgent the situation I guess you have time to stop for coffee on the way?) and then a couple and their baby (“her gas is sooo bad I can feel her tummy bubbling!” Really?!? I’m sure this is your first baby, but have you tried googling “gas”? I’m pretty sure I haven’t ever seen a website that recommends an urgent trip to the ER for gas. Just sayin’.) And it went on and on from there. Kids were running around playing like it was a McDonald’s playplace. Let’s just say the emergency room is not always like those tv shows where everyone’s bleeding and bones are sticking out and code blues all over the place. Anyway we took a seat and surveyed the situation. I read the pamphlet the nurse gave me, which basically said, “You don’t need to be here. Go home and watch your kid and give him an extra hug or two.” So that’s what we did. We left.
Of course, the minute we got home Seth was crying hard again and Neil was looking at me like, what kind of mother ARE you?! I was pretty sure I had made the right call coming home but we tucked Seth in bed with us just to be safe.
He slept pretty well all night besides a few cries at the beginning of the night. Seth’s a tosser-turner and he had his feet on my belly and his head on Neil’s at one point and at another point managed to punch Neil in the face. To be fair Neil said he was leaning over Seth’s face trying to make sure Seth was still breathing. Neil was pretty freaked out by this whole incident.
Anyway Seth woke up this morning in good spirits. I did keep him home from school but he was his normal little self. I got our doctor to look him over while we were at my prenatal appointment and she declared him most-likely-totally-fine besides the nasty hematoma on his forehead. Yes, it is nasty.
Take a look:

Keep in mind that this is over 24 hours after the accident and the swelling has gone down A LOT. I told him he looked too happy in that picture, so we took another one…

That’s better? I don’t know. Anyway, I wish you could see it in real life. It’s pretty incredible.
So what did happen, anyway? Seth was hanging on to Dotty’s leash and she took off running, pulling Seth head first to the road- he hit his head hard on the concrete. Ouch.

5 thoughts on “Head injury.

  1. Chelsea says:

    Poor Seth! That looks like a “big big owie” as Rylen would say.
    Lol at your description of the ER patrons. The baby with gas is halarious. I wonder what sort of intervention they thought would be performed to make their baby better???

  2. Deanna McCowan says:

    poor seth!!

    Yeah, dogs are strong. Even though we have Rio on a special no-pull harness–a true Christmas miracle that thing– she still manages to yank me around. I can just imagine a 30 lb boy. Oh dear.

    I hope he feels better soon.

    Can you please quit nursing and become a writer? Pretty sure that’s your true calling in life 🙂

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