Bad dreams.

Last night at about 1:30 Seth came quietly to our bed and climbed in beside me. He curled up next to me without saying anything. After a few minutes I heard him quietly say, “Mom?”
I asked him what.
“Are you going to heaven tomorrow?”
“No, Seth. I’m staying here with you.”
“I had a dream you were going to heaven tomorrow.”
His voice was so quiet and little and worried, I just melted. I told Seth I was not going to heaven tomorrow and that hopefully I would not be going for a very, very long time. Not until we were all very, very old. Maybe we would even all go together. That seemed to calm Seth’s worries, and a minute or two later I took him back to bed and kissed him and hugged him and he went back to sleep until morning. Seth knows that heaven is going to be the awesome-est place ever (he’s even got himself convinced that their must be dragons there- I told him he’ll just have to wait and see, I mean, what do I know? I’ve never been there.) Even though it’s going to be awesome, I’m glad that I didn’t go today. I’m happy to stay here on earth with my lovely family for a long long while more.


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