Lucky me.

Today was one of those days. It started out okay, I had a nice visit with my Grammy, who I love very much. Peanut butter on homemade buns and a cup of tea is always nice. But the day went downhill from there.
I decided we should make a “quick stop” at Costco. The kids were well-behaved, that wasn’t the problem. The problem was that I’ve clearly gained too much weight to be comfortable in my skinny jeans (so sad) and my body is starting to rebel against having to carry a giant uterus around for the 4th time. It seems to get sore and tired way more easily than I remember with any previous pregnancies. Anyway, wearing jeans that are too tight can make anyone crabby, I guess, even if you do look cute (I did). And then I pulled a muscle/ligament/I-don’t-know-what on my side and started getting all crampy like I just did a 5k run (like I would even know what that felt like) but really I had just walked around Costco. Then I started feeling sorry for myself. I could barely load up the van with the kids and the groceries- I was so grumpy/sore/tired. We went home and I popped Oliver in his crib and fed the kids a quick lunch. I told them I was going for a nap and put them in their room with a timer for their quiet time.
But then the construction workers next door were hammering and hammering away. And Dotty kept whining in the basement (what? You didn’t want to go in your kennel after being in there all morning too?) And then Seth came in to use my bathroom because Ben was in their bathroom. And then Ben was calling me to wipe his bum (oh could I?) and I said screw it to the nap (although I did sleep at least 7 minutes I think) and decided to make the most of the afternoon. But then the kids got Dotty and everyone went crazy running around yelling and being nuts and of course Oliver woke up and then I went nuts too. I turned into mom-zilla. A halloween treat and some ironing of lovely new fabrics calmed me down a bit, but it was still just not a great day.
Then my husband came home.
And that’s why I’m lucky.
He always comes home happy to see all of us and excited to play with the kids. We ate a quick supper and then Neil took all the boys and the dog outside to play. I washed the dishes and watched them playing soccer in the backyard and all of a sudden the day didn’t seem so bad. My heart felt full. Watching all my boys and their dad laughing and playing, I just feel blessed. I know that I am. Even though I can’t wear my skinny jeans for more than an hour or two at a time. Who cares about stuff like that? I have such a great husband and my kids have the best dad. Lucky me!


6 thoughts on “Lucky me.

  1. mamamaa says:

    way to turn that tough day around sweetie…. you are a great mom, and a great husband and you still ROCK those skinny jeans – and you will fit them again for more than an hour or two…. I love you – and I am very proud of you and your ability to be positive and support your husband in so many ways.

  2. Deanna McCowan says:


    Ever heard of them?

    I think they could be your new bestie.

    I love you and I love all your posts. You make me happy. It’s nice to have an amazing husband, isn’t it? I kinda feel sorry for other people whose hubbies are not so awesome…

  3. Rachel Hennan says:

    its ok Nik…i will tell you that i bought loose fit boot cut jeans recently b/c i’m so freaking tired of having to suck in and be uncomfortable in skinny jeans!! and im not even pregnant- hope that helps. And I LOVE my loose fit jeans – so who even cares?! but seriously- love this post and hope i get to marry a neil one day (you know what i mean…)

  4. Erika Driedger says:

    That sounds exactly like my day. And I too felt so much better once I heard the daddy making the kids laugh. But you definately said it way better then I ever could!!!!

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