27 weeks.

Today I am 27 weeks. I think that means just one more week until I’m in the third and final trimester of this pregnancy. That went fast. Although time seems like it’s slowing down now. Maybe it’s because I’m ginormous now.

It’s hard to imagine that three more months of growth are going to happen. Although I think I always “pop” at this point and then kind of stay at the same place for the last couple months, and I don’t usually gain as much weight in the last trimester as the second. Hopefully that holds true for this time around too, because it’s not easy carrying around a medicine ball all day. I’m definitely starting to run out of that 2nd trimester energy and have been finding it hard to stay up past 8:30 a lot of nights. Oh well, a good nights’ sleep never killed anyone!
Happy Halloween to everyone, too. We’re taking a couple ghosts and a baby shark out trick-or-treating tonight and they sure are excited! Me too, because three little trick-or-treaters should equal plenty of candy for a pregnant mama…


5 thoughts on “27 weeks.

  1. Deanna McCowan says:

    You look fabulous!!

    You need to soak up every minute of this pregnancy!!

    Unless you plan on having Baby Number 5…

  2. Rachel Hennan says:

    i love this photo- you look so pretty. i see you learned to curl your hair with your new flat iron šŸ™‚ nicely done

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