Bag lady.

I sewed a bag.
My sister sent me a request for a bag. She sent me a picture of a bag she liked. I described the bag to a friend, who pinned a similar one for me on Pinterest, and eventually I actually bought some fabric and even made it. Months after initial request, but it is made. And currently on it’s way to Australia.
Said bag:

Please note: It’s difficult to take pictures of yourself using a self-timer when there’s three small children running around, you still haven’t read the manual to your camera, you’re 6 months pregnant, and you just have to get the pictures done so you can get the thing in the mail already.
I really like the bag.

It hangs really low, but that was a feature specifically requested by my sister. Probably if I made it for myself, I would make it hit more at the waist. I hope it sits at the right place for my sister, but since she was over the ocean while I was making it, we had to make do with a quick skype sneak peek and she said it looked great. She’s also a few inches taller than me (although not pregnant), so I’m sure it will look different on her anyway.
I used the free, downloadable pattern from Lula Louise, and it was great. The length of the strap was all I changed. Oh, and I added a button with a loop closure. Again, per sister’s request.
It has a round bottom, which scared me a little bit. I’m really put off by gathering in general- the basting, the pulling of threads, the matching of everything up into nice, even gathers, while not pinching or pleating at the same time. But actually, it turned out great and was much less intimidating than I thought it would be.

I used a Kona cotton solid grey for the exterior of the bag, because grey is where it’s at if you ask me (and my sister). I lined it with this fantastic Joel Dewberry Aviary print that I really like, and I hope my sister will too.

Secret: I bought the same print in a different color scheme and made myself a fabulous apron. Blog post to follow at a later date.
Anyway, the bag is done and on it’s way to my dear sister, along with some early birthday/Christmas gifts/needed items (like a hand-me-down t-shirt). It was a fun little project and I was happy to make it!

5 thoughts on “Bag lady.

  1. Bonnie says:

    You are such a talented woman. Better be careful though, you may end up leaving nursing behind and doing this full time. Love the bag! Let me know when you’re ready to take orders.

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