In case I was wondering.

When I was a little girl, I sucked my thumb. For a long time, actually. Like till grade 2. But not much. And part of me always wanted a baby that sucked their thumb- they’re just so darn cute I think. And I never needed braces, you can’t ever lose a thumb (unlike a soother or a blankie), etc. etc. Anyway I got my wish with my littlest. By about 4 months Oliver was a regular little thumb sucker. Only when he was going to sleep though, and never just randomly throughout the day. It was the perfect set-up. And so cute. I honestly thanked Jesus for it on more than one occasion while rocking my baby and looking at his sweet little face with his cute little thumb in his mouth. It got to be that as soon as we handed Oliver his little blankie and told him it was night-night time, his thumb would just automatically pop up to his mouth.
And then one day a few months ago I thought to myself, “Hey, when’s the last time I saw Oliver sucking his thumb?” I couldn’t remember. He wasn’t feeling well at the time and I kept trying to “encourage” him to suck his thumb. He wouldn’t. He just stopped all of a sudden. At about 16 months old I guess. I know it’s not an easy habit to break for some kids, so I guess I should be happy I don’t have to worry about that. But part of me was really kind of sad. I’ll miss his adorable thumb-sucking.
I’m mostly writing this post as a reminder to myself for one day when I’ll ask myself about this and will have most likely forgotten. That’s really why I keep this blog, to remember the little things like that, without having to write them down in a baby book. It’s amazing the things you forget, even though you think you never will.
As for Oliver, he’s learned new tricks to make me forget his thumb-sucking. One of the latest is, “I don’t know!”
He puts his little hands out and says “I no!”

His big brothers taught him that one, and they’re pretty proud of him when he does it. It’s pretty cute, anyway.
I guess pretty much everything about Oliver is cute, though, right?

2 thoughts on “In case I was wondering.

  1. Helen says:

    If only my girls would stop on their own. The dentist told me we have to get Aimee to stop in the next 6 months. Not an easy task!

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