30 weeks and 18 months.

Today I had my 30 week prenatal appointment and Oliver had his 18 month check up. I love having a family doctor so we can just go together to the same doctor. So much easier than an OB and a pediatrician.
Me first. All good. Baby’s growing. I’m measuring 28 weeks. So take that, sister-who-keeps-saying-how-big-I-am. I mostly feel good besides back pain that presents itself every day and is at times almost debilitating. It is pretty bad. But there’s worse things in life, I guess, so I’ll try not to complain. I can’t believe I’m at 30 weeks already and that this little lady will be considered term in a mere 7 weeks. Trying hard not to let that stress me out too much, but with Christmas just around the corner, it’s hard. I’m almost done work though, so that will help. It’s exciting though, no matter how stressful.

Oliver is growing too. He jumped from the 25% for weight to the 30% and is currently almost 25 pounds. He didn’t flinch for either of his booster shots, and lay contentedly while the doctor checked him over from head to toe.
The doctor did hear a heart murmur today when she listened to Oliver, and this is something new and slightly weird, I guess. I’m not worrying about it because Oliver is clearly a healthy, active baby. We will wait and see what the echocardiogram says, but I am pretty sure that it will be something benign. Whatever happens, happens. God has his hands on our family, and I am confident in His ability to take care of us. Unrelated, how did Oliver get to be 18 months old? So big, so fast. Love that little man.


5 thoughts on “30 weeks and 18 months.

  1. Helen says:

    Nikki, my 2 yr old niece is one of the most active kids I know and when my sister took her to get checked out for a cough, the doctor noticed a heart murmur. She got all checked out by the specialist and the murmur’s there, but there is no intervention at all for her and it doesn’t affect her in the slightest. Just thought I’d send some encouragement your way…

  2. Susan Beauchamp says:

    Wow. The time really has gone by quickly. I think Oliver is teaching the pup how to drool . . . because he heard that’s what floppy lipped pups do!!
    Praying the heart murmur is nothing to worry about.

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