Sewing for Christmas: The little guys.

I just finished my Christmas gift sewing! And it’s not even December! So proud of myself! Except that I still have a tree skirt and four stockings on my to-sew-before-Christmas list.
Oliver is a big fan of tools. We bought him a new set of tools for Christmas and I thought they needed a tool belt. I couldn’t find a tutorial that was quite what I was looking for online. Then I thought, hey, I’m smart, I don’t need a tutorial. I can make my OWN tutorial. And since the tool belts turned out so well (I made one for my nephew, too) I DID make my own tutorial.
Because I know that when you see this tool belt, you’re going to want to sew one of these for the little guy in your life too.

I was right, wasn’t I?
Okay then, let’s get started!

Here’s what you need:
2 – 12″ x 8″ pieces of fabric
2 – 12″ x 5″ pieces of fabric
Approx 2 1/2 metres of 1/2″ double-fold bias tape

Note: You can technically make this tool belt with just one piece of each size of fabric. I used two so that it looked nice on the inside too. Also, isn’t my bias tape cute? I made it myself. But you can just buy some to match your fabric at the store. It won’t be as cute as mine, so you might want to try making some yourself. You can do it, and it’s not that hard! Try using Dana’s tutorial. I’ve made miles and miles of bias tape in the last couple weeks, and it makes everything so much nicer!

Okay, everything’s cut out? Here we go!

First, take your two 12″ x 5″ pieces and put them wrong sides together (so you only see your nice fabric on each side).

Then you’re going to take a piece of bias tape a little bit longer than 12″ and “sandwich” it around your two pieces, right at the top. Pin it in place.

Now sew along the edge of the bias tape, getting both layers of fabric and bias tape in there. When you’re all done that, trim up your threads and bias tape so everything lines up nicely.

Now take your 2 12″ x 8″ pieces and place them wrong sides together. Line up your newly sewn 12″ x 5″ piece on top of the bigger piece. The bottoms and sides should line up. Put some pins in it to keep it from shifting, but don’t place them too close to the edges, so you have room to pin your bias tape on too.

Now you’re going to take your bias tape and sandwich it all around the sides and bottom of your tool belt. Don’t do the top yet. I try to make my corners look “mitered”. I am sure I am not doing it the technically right way, but it works for me. Here’s a picture of what I do- it may or may not help you, since every time I use bias tape I have to think so hard about the corners to make them work anyway. I can never remember what I’m doing!

Once you’ve got that all sewn up, trim up the threads and any excess bias tape again. Then go get your tools and measure up how big you want the spaces on the tool belt to be. I placed a few tools in the belt, and then pinned them off. If you have one of those fabric markers, it would be nice to mark a nice straight line at each section instead of just eyeballing it with pins. But the pins work too! Once I had it all measured out, I sewed straight lines from just below the bias tape to just above it. Does that even make sense? Maybe not. Just look at the pictures…

By now the tool belt is really taking shape. You’re actually almost done already! Next take a piece of bias tape about 5″ long and sew down the length of it so it’s sewn shut.

Now if your little guy is handy, you could measure his waist plus length to tie for the waistband. I left lots of room and used about 50″ of bias tape for my 18 month old. I think that would work for pretty much all sizes of children. Now find the middle of your bias tape waistband, and the middle of the top of your tool belt, and start sandwiching your tape again. Pin all along the top of your tool belt.

Now remember that little 5″ piece of bias tape you sewed shut? Tuck it into your bias tape waistband to make a little hammer loop. Pin it in place.

Soooo close to being done! To finish off the ends of my bias tape, I cut them into a little triangle shape, folded it down, then together, and pinned it. Again, does that make any sense at all? I hope so. Like this:

Okay. Now start at one end and sew all the way down to the other end. I doubled back on that little hammer loop just to make it extra secure. And now you’re done!
I tried it on my baby right away. He loved it.

Honestly, I loved it too.

Although let’s just say that Oliver was less than thrilled with me when I took it off of him and packed it away for Christmas. Good thing toddlers are easily distractible.
Both of my older boys immediately asked for tool belts of their own. They looked so hopeful when they asked, I just might have to whip up a couple more of these puppies. And really, they’re so easy, I may as well.
I hope that if you make one, you’ll send me a picture! And I hope the little guy in your life likes it as much as mine does! Happy sewing!
ps. Apologies for all the pictures of my gross bandaid finger. I had a run-in with my rotary cutter that didn’t end all that well, hence, nasty bandaids.


14 thoughts on “Sewing for Christmas: The little guys.

  1. luvinthemommyhood says:

    So adorable! You did a great job and I LOVE your bias tape too. It’s addicting right!

    You’re right, it’s killing me not to sew…it’s bad. I have severe withdrawl..but soon…hopefully by mid to end Dec…I’ll be reunited šŸ™‚

  2. little dotty bird says:

    That is so gorgeous..definately have to add that to my sewing list (unfortunately my xmas sewing is only just beginning…I’m a last minute girl!) Just found you through the kojo design link up, love your blog, nice to “meet” you šŸ™‚

  3. Lindsey says:

    This is absolutely darling!

    Would you be willing to submit this to the Make and Takes spotlight page? I think this would be really popular with the M+T readers.

  4. sarah says:

    Thank you for your blog my son has been walking around the house for ages playing with his new tool belt i amde him this morning!! It’s so hard to sewin for boys. But he truly love it thank you!!

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