32 weeks and a little anxiety.

Today I am 32 weeks pregnant. THIRTY TWO!!! Where have the weeks gone?!
I’m pretty much done with work, which is nice. I’m fairly exhausted all the time. Turns out having three small kids, a puppy, and being heavily pregnant is sort of tiring.
I’m getting a bit freaked out about having a newborn again. I’m scared of the sleepless nights and the hundreds of diaper changes and the spit up and the whole high-needs thing that babies have going on. I have been getting pretty comfortable with going out when I want to in the evenings and not having to tote a newborn all over the place.
I’m excited though. Excited to meet this little girl and see what a Moran girl will even look like. Excited to dress her in some of the cute little sleepers and socks we have for her. Really excited to see her big brothers’ reactions to her. I know they’re going to love her. They already do, coming and saying hi to “Peachy” and kissing my belly from time to time.
It’ll all be good, right?


3 thoughts on “32 weeks and a little anxiety.

  1. Carla says:

    I can’t believe that you are on #4!! I’m so excited for you that it is a girl!!!! No wonder I haven’t seen you around work lately… No time to pick up when you are growing a baby and raising 3 boys!!

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