Oliver is turning out to have a very nurturing little soul. It’s really very sweet.
He’s been attached to his little blankie, his “gigi”, for ages, but now he’s added some new favorites to his list of must haves.
One of those faves is a little Elmo that was gifted to Ben when Ben was about this age too, I think. Oliver just loves that little Elmo. He calls it “Melmo” (just like Ben did at this age). He likes to haul it around all over the place. He puts it for naps, cuddles it, and even feeds it. Elmo has been in the washing machine a few times already, but it’s getting harder and harder to sneak him away from Oliver.
Gigi and Elmo had to sit with Oliver for breakfast this morning, which is nothing unusual. Unfortunately it always ends up in everyone covered in oatmeal and miscellaneous soggy cereal remains.

Oliver seems to think that Elmo really likes honeycombs.

As messy and gross as it is, every single morning, I think it’s so cute. The other kids didn’t really ever take care of anything in this kind of way (besides their baby brother, which is all that matters, I guess). Oliver has also adopted the only baby doll we have in the house, and is often wandering around carrying his baby. I’m sure this nothing new to you moms of girls, but it is certainly a new phenomenon in this house, and I love it. In the morning when Oliver wakes up, the first words out of his mouth are, “Gigi? Melmo? Baby?” and he scans the crib to ensure he doesn’t forget anyone when he gets out. Pretty darn sweet.
I think this kid will make a really nice big brother. As long as he can get over the whole jealousy and not sharing thing…

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