A good morning.

If you’ve talked to me lately, or seen my facebook updates, or been married to me, you know I haven’t been coping exceptionally well with life these days. Having three kids, getting ready for Christmas, and being very pregnant is turning out to be exhausting and overwhelming. I have a to-do list a mile long and what feels like no time to do it. I feel like a lot of days I’m a less-than-great mother and wife who’s barely keeping up.
But today has been a really good morning.
It’s only 11:59 and so far we’ve done crafts, made cards for old people here in town, played outside for almost an hour (whoah, I do NOT fit into my snowpants like I did last year), and made a double batch of sugar cookies. I’m feeling so accomplished! Although as I sit here typing I feel the energy draining. I think a cup of coffee will be in order- I still want to finish my tree skirt up today too.
It takes a long time to get three kids and myself ready to go outside. Seth gets himself dressed, I help the littles, and then put the kids out while I get dressed. Dotty has to wait with me. Very impatiently.
We played for a bit and walked around the bay and checked the mail. Why haven’t my Christmas cards come yet?! The website I ordered them from said they shipped like three weeks ago. I’m getting anxious.
Then we came in and made Christmas cookies. Oliver ate a wierd amount of straight-up flour.

I think he actually liked it.

We thought it was pretty funny, anyway.

It’s a huge disaster making sugar cookies with three kids.

But everyone had fun.

Just wait till Friday when we add icing, sprinkles, and three more small children to the mix.
Well the morning is done and it’s nap time or quiet time for three little boys and their mom, too.
Hopefully our afternoon goes just as well.


One thought on “A good morning.

  1. gramma says:

    so fun, such great pics…. I, for one, cannot wait until we add 3 more small children, one more mommy and the gramma to the mix!

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