Sewing for Christmas: The little girls.

If your name is Ciara or Emery or Lucy and you are my niece, stop reading right now.
I’ve had these gifts sewn up for almost a month already. They were so fun to make because I LOVE the fabric I used, plus, they just turned out ultra-cute. Almost too cute, really.
When I was about 5 years old, my grandma gave me an apron and a chef’s hat. I remember loving that hat so much, and looking back at home videos of me wearing it, I was pretty cute, too. I felt so much more professional scrambling those eggs in a chef’s hat (yes, I scrambled eggs when I was five- don’t you make your kids cook you breakfast too?).
Anyway, I made three little aprons and three little hats for three little girls.
Unfortunately I have no little girls to model for me, so once again one of my boys was at my mercy. Oliver was a good sport, although completely distracted.

Ohmygoodness I love the poofiness of these hats. I was totally intimidated when going into this project, but these hats were actually such a quick easy project, and they turned out so well. I’m pretty thrilled with them.
The aprons are pretty cute too.

I know they’re not ruffly or frilly but I think the girly fabrics make up for that. Plus, they’re kid friendly because they just pop over your head and then velcro closed in the front- even a tiny little chef could manage this without her mama’s help. And since her mama’s got three little chefs, I figured the simpler, the better. I know how much those nieces of mine love helping out in the kitchen, so I’m pretty sure they’re going to get good use out of these aprons.

I would love to make some of these for my boys too. I know they would love them. Who doesn’t love a good chef’s hat anyway?

And one last picture of Oliver, because he’s just so cute in florals…
P.s. I got the patterns for both of these from the book “Sew Liberated: 20 Stylish Patterns for the Modern Sewist”.


5 thoughts on “Sewing for Christmas: The little girls.

  1. nicole lindell says:

    hey nikki! sooo cute! How do u find time to make all of your gifts?? U r a superwoman! lol So ur sis has 3 girls….do u think #4 will be a boy in following ur 3 boys and a girl?lol

  2. Rachel Hennan says:

    this is amazing! i dont know how you do it…im so sorry im working on the purse picture- my camera broke but i’ll make a way soon you

  3. Amanda says:

    You are so talented! Seriously, these would be snatched up on Etsy.

    Not only will the girls love them, but they will be treasured memories of childhood. So thoughtful.

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