34 weeks.

34 down. 6 to go. More or less.
I’ve actually felt pretty good the last week or so. I’ve gotten a lot of stuff done and feel a little more relaxed about everything. I think not working is so much better than working. Wow, I admire you ladies who work up to your due date or anywhere near it. Or I think you’re crazy, maybe. Anyway, mostly all good around here. Still back pain every day, and more discomforts, but nothing too bad. I think I’d still rather be pregnant than not, so that’s good. Although only because this baby is much easier to take care of in than out.
I thought we had finally figured out a middle name. It was sort of weird, but I really liked it, and I thought you would too, once you gave it a minute. But after a day of really liking it and getting me set on it, Neil decided he doesn’t like it after all. I think this baby will probably have no middle name at all. You’d think after all these boys that we would have gazillions of girl names just waiting to be used, but no such luck. We still have a few weeks, so we’ll see if we can come up with anything, but I don’t think it’s promising. Any suggestions? I kind of want it to have one syllable. Or three. But not two. Or maybe two? Anyway, feel free to leave your suggestions for a middle name in the comments. But not Claudette, Claudette. Sorry, Mom, it’s just not going to happen.
Christmas is only 6 sleeps away, and although I’m super excited for Christmas (super super excited!), I’m kind of looking forward to it being over so I can just finish getting ready for this babkins and not worry about anything holiday related. Here’s what I’ve got on my to-do-before-baby list:
Sew 4 swaddling blankets
Sew curtains
Paint baby’s room (walls and ceiling)
Paint a chalkboard on baby’s wall
(First, make my own chalkboard paint. I saw it on Pinterest.)
Change baby’s room light fixture
(First, buy a new light fixture)
Redo baby’s lamp shade
Hang some pictures in baby’s room
(First, buy some frames for said pictures)
Oh dear, now that I’ve put that in typing, it seems like kind of a long list. I hope I can do it though, I really want that baby’s room looking awesome. Even though I know she most likely won’t be sleeping in it for awhile. Thankfully I have a great husband and I’m pretty sure he will help me paint and change light fixtures, even if only because I’m so pregnant that he’d feel like a jerk if he made me do it by myself. Hey, whatever works.
The countdown is on!


2 thoughts on “34 weeks.

  1. claudette says:

    so dang cute as usual, little oliver in that pic is adorable too. I am excited for christmas too – it’s so wonderful with little kids!
    I love you, even if you won’t name your baby after me!

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