We had a good Christmas.

There were gifts. They even had homemade bows. Yes, I made my own bows this year. And they’re awesome.
You should make some sometime! They were really easy, I promise.
I got one of the best Christmas gifts ever this year. Neil had the first year of this blog made into an amazing hardcover book. It’s like a novel, really, and it’s 394 pages long! It was really fun sitting and reading through it. It made me so glad that I started this blog in the first place. There were so many things I had completely forgotten about. Ben was not even two when I started blogging, and Seth was only 3 1/2. There were a lot of funny lines blogged that first year. Thank you Neil!
Neil also bought me the Hunger Games trilogy for Christmas. I’d read the first one but just hadn’t got around to picking up the other two. Well, I read the second and third book in the last 48 hours- sooooo good. Now I’m sad my reading is done.
We hosted Christmas dinner for Neil’s family, and it went off without a hitch. The turkey turned out great, the company was wonderful, and everyone had a good time.
Except Neil carving the turkey. There was a lot of grumbling over that one. And yet, when my mother asked him to carve hers the very next day, I did not hear a single whine. Hmmm.
Oh, and I totally forgot to make eggnog on Christmas. Homemade eggnog is a family tradition for my side, and I was really excited to make it. And then completely forgot until the next day at my parents when they were making it. Ooops. Also, if you haven’t ever had homemade eggnog, you HAVE to. It is soooo much better than the store stuff. It’s almost completely different, really. It’s a whole new world.
We headed over to my side of the family on boxing day morning. My brother bought my sister-in-law a beagle and ohmygosh the cuteness.
Since I’d had a few hours of very painful braxton hicks on Christmas Day, I was pretty much off the hook for any responsibilities on boxing day, which was nice. I had a nice cuddle with little Julius. Dotty and Julius had a whole lot of fun chasing each other around, even though Dotty is approximately 60 times bigger than Julius. Dotty actually slept for about 40 hours straight when we got home from Christmas- that little puppy wore her out!
Oliver spent a good portion of time playing in one of the containers his toys came in. He climbed in his “boat” and waved bye bye over and over throughout the day.
He wore himself out too.

It was a really great few days. I am blessed with such a wonderful family and have so much goodness in my life. Even though this stage of pregnancy is getting uncomfortable and tedious, I am beyond thankful to have had an easy pregnancy and a healthy, growing fetus. I have three wonderful boys who bring me so much joy. And I have a husband who I love very much.
What more could a girl want?

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