How we party.

We don’t usually do much for New Year’s Eve. We never really have, and since we’ve had kids, it’s been less and less fun to stay up past midnight. We didn’t make any plans this year, and decided to spend the day together as a family. The weather was nice, just around zero or so, and we decided to go sledding, have some lunch, and use some gift cards.
We left home by about 9:45 in the morning. Ben and Oliver both had a little nap on the way there, which was good, since it was going to be a busy morning.
The big kids had a lot of fun sledding down a HUGE run. Like, seriously big. It’s a wooden run and you sled super fast down onto the lake. You are basically guaranteed a bruised tailbone. Thank goodness I only had to go twice and Neil only went a few times before Ben decided he was brave enough to go alone. And that’s pretty brave if you ask me- I totally almost chickened out my first time up there. I mean, look at this run!
That’s Ben on his way down. He was so pleased with himself! It took a little convincing, but eventually Seth was going down on his own too. I actually have no pictures of anyone really sliding- it was so fast, I kept missing it.
Oliver and I mostly hung out at the bottom, which was fine with both of us. I am so happy that this winter has been so mild! Especially since, even though I can still zip up my coat (barely), my snowpants will definitely NOT zip up. I had my long shirt tucked into the stylish elastic waistband of my jeans just to keep my ginormous belly from being exposed. Super attractive.
Oliver did get a little sledding in on a small hill with his brothers and his dad. He had fun, but also didn’t mind just hanging around.
The kids could probably have kept sledding all day, but Neil was starving, so we went for lunch. These kids of ours LOVE coloring. Oliver shared his dessert, so sweet. After lunch we headed over to the bookstore. The kids had each gotten a gift card for Indigo, which was such a great gift! It was a challenge to get them to focus, but they each managed to pick out three books. Oliver was so excited about his new Elmo book. We had to tear it away from him for the lady to scan it. He couldn’t wait to start reading it in the truck. But it had been a busy busy morning, and it was a couple hours past his naptime…

We had such a fun New Year’s Eve day with the kids. When we got home we worked on the baby’s room a bit, ate some apple puff pancake, and just chilled out. The kids were in bed at 7 or so, and Neil and I were asleep shortly after ten. That’s how we party around here. Happy New Year everyone!


2 thoughts on “How we party.

  1. Christine D says:

    Wow – I would be scared of that sled run too! You’re braver than I Nikki!

    Also – SUCH a cute picture of Oliver sleeping while reading his book! That reminds me of the time after berry picking, on the way home, Josh had a Mum Mum sticking out of his mouth while he was sleeping. Too cute.

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