Should I be worried? (Part 2)

Oliver got a neat pad of paper for Christmas. Parts of it are already colored and parts of it you can color in, and add to, whatever. Seth and Ben like coloring on it too.
The other day, I found one of the pictures Seth had been coloring. It was a winter scene, with a snowman and a skiing penguin.
Seth had added some important details to the cute little snowman’s face.

Why yes, those ARE devil horns, pointy ears, fangs, and angry eyebrows. No, I have no idea why.
The penguin was not QUITE as disturbing. But why is the penguin so mad about skiing? A lot of Seth’s drawings lately have included these kind of details. I’m trying not to worry.
But you should really see how he’s dressed his character (avatar? what’s the word?) on his videogame Little Big Planet. Downright scary.
But really, he’s such a sweet boy. Really.


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