Healthy hearts.

Yesterday Benjamin and Oliver had appointments for echocardiograms, which is basically an ultrasound of their hearts.
Benjamin’s was a follow-up to an echo he had done before he was a year old. At that time it showed a small hole in his heart that usually would have been closed up by then, but was not. It was not worrisome but he needed a follow-up three years later to see that it had closed up.
Oliver was having an echocardiogram because his doctor heard a heart murmur at his last regular check-up.
Considering it takes a couple months to get an appointment, it was a real blessing that Ben’s three year follow-up fell right at the time Oliver’s was scheduled, so everyone could just go together.
Neil came with us, because three kids is a lot to handle in that sort of situation. Mostly just the parking, walking in the freezing cold, managing all those coats/boots/mitts, and that sort of thing. The kids were totally fine with all the medical stuff.
They got their blood pressures taken. They’ve never had this done before. Oliver went first. You would have thought we checked his blood pressure every day. He didn’t mind at all. Ben was the same.
Then it was time for their echos. Oliver went first again.
Honestly, you’d have thought we’d taken him to the spa or something. He lay there on the table so relaxed and quiet, watching his heart pumping away on the screen. He didn’t move a muscle.
Ben was very actually really excited for his turn. He was sure his heart was going to be “really big”. I know that it is.
After their echos we waited awhile for the cardiologist to review the results. Then she came and checked the kids over. The kids are so good with doctors; I’m always so proud of them.
Anyway, Oliver and Ben are healthy children with perfectly normal hearts. Just as I expected. Oliver’s heart murmur is a benign vibration-y thing that may come and go until he’s about 8 or 10 years old. By then it should be gone for good.
Healthy hearts, just as I suspected.

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