Big news!

Since he was little little, Ben’s had a “gigi”. It’s a little lovey blankie that he hasn’t been able to sleep without since he was 4 or 5 months old. He started calling it his gigi before he was a year old. He would jam a quarter of that blankie way into his mouth and suck on it all night long. In the morning it would be all damp and gross and smelly and I had to wash it almost every day. Of course we had a back-up so he had a clean one at nap time, or if in case, God forbid, one got lost. Of course we HAVE lost gigis, and had to replace the back-up gigis. Which was difficult and expensive because gigi was actually a gift for Seth before Seth was even born. So the $10 gigi from Target was of course no longer available anywhere except at exorbitant prices on eBay. Where we ended up having to purchase two over the years, spending about $40 each time. Sheesh.

Anyway, the big news is…

no more gigi!

A couple weeks ago Neil and I went on a date, and I had taken gigi out of Ben’s bed and put him in the wash. Spare gigi was in Ben’s pajama drawer, and Ben always knew where “clean gigi” was, and often went looking for clean gigi at bedtime if he thought the other gigi was “too stinky”.  Anyway, gigi was not in Ben’s bed. When we came home that night and I checked in on all my sleeping kids I noticed that Ben was sleeping without his gigi. I took the spare one out of his drawer and put it in Neil and my room so that when Ben started crying in the middle of the night for his gigi, we would have it handy and could bring it to him quickly without disturbing our sleep too much. But then, Ben never woke up crying for it. He slept all night without it. So in the morning I rewarded him with Skittles of course. Ben told me very bravely that he had wanted to cry for his gigi when he went to bed, but that he didn’t. I asked him if he could be brave again that night, and he said  he could. And sure enough, he went straight to sleep without his gigi and woke up to Skittles for the next couple mornings.

Now it’s been a couple weeks and he sometimes still tries to get a treat out of us, but treats no more. He’s a big kid now, with no gigi. It makes me happy, because gigi was kind of gross and a bit of a pain, always trying to remember it if we went anywhere overnight. But it also makes me a bit sad, because it means Ben’s growing up. He was always so cute with his gigi.

Not to worry though, we’ve still got gigi in the family…


Now tell me, how many of you saw the title of this post and thought I was going to tell you my water broke or we had the baby or something? Gotcha!


2 thoughts on “Big news!

  1. AnitaRex says:

    You did! You got me! :> Happy Ben is over gigi although it’s sweet! He went to sleep here once without fine! He realized he left it in the truck and I told him that was better to leave it there than forget it here! Oh one time Neil had left and I found both of them! I called him right away to come back which he did! :> Oliver is so sweet with his gigi, I couldn’t even take it away when he was in the highchair!

  2. Deanna McCowan says:

    Grrr! you totally tricked me. Although I’m extremely gullible so don’t get too proud of yourself…

    Good thing it was such a cute post 🙂

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