Before Christmas, Oliver was a bit sick. He spent a lot of time resting on the couch. He really liked laying with a pillow and being covered up with a blankie. Soon enough he started asking for a “ankie” every time we were on the couch.
And so we’d cover him up with a blankie and he’d lay there all cozy. Gosh I wish I was 20 months old. It seems like a really good time in life. Too bad we don’t even remember being that age, because I really think it must be one of the best ages to be.
Anyway, I think Oliver and his “ankie” are pretty darn cute. That’s all. But you know what’s not that cute? A baby that doesn’t nap. Because he slept for 2.3 minutes in the van on the way home and is now completely refreshed. Oliver has always been an absolute champ when it came to transferring from a vehicle to a bed. Until this last week or so. Now teeny-tiny-naps are just the perfect amount for him, apparently. So when I try to get him in his crib, he’ll sleep through me taking his boots off, zipping him out of his coat, and taking off his hat and mitts, but as soon as I lay him down, he’s wide awake. WHY!? I’ve just been leaving him in there playing or talking so I can at least rest a bit, but still, what the heck? And then usually what happens is I have a very tired little toddler who later falls asleep on the couch watching Sesame Street.
Good thing he’s cute because this is pretty much the worst timing in the world for him to give me trouble with his naps (and going to bed at night too- but that’s another whiny story I’ll spare you this time). Oh well!
And yes, I’m still pregnant. If I make it to tomorrow, which is looking pretty darn likely, this pregnancy will be a record-breaker for me. Patience, patience, patience.


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