January 18, 2012.
1:43 am.
7 lb 7 ounces.
19 3/4 inches.

Welcome, Ivy James.


10 thoughts on “Born.

  1. mamaa says:

    welcome little Ivy James…. you truly are beautiful and will bring great joy and happiness to everyone you know! I love you, grammy.

  2. Deanna McCowan says:

    Hello Ivy!!! Everyone waited a long time to meet you and we’re all so excited you’re here!!

    And of course she’s beautiful 🙂

  3. Auntie Lori & Uncle D'Arcy says:

    Well hello there…Ivy James!
    So nice to have another girl in the family:)
    Congratulations Neil & Nikki!
    I can’t believe it worked Neil, good on you, ha ha!
    We can’t wait to meet our great niece!
    Take care,
    Auntie Lori & Uncle D’Arcy

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