Neil bought Seth a snowboard the other week (it was on sale, Nikki!!).
Seth was pretty excited, and the weather was perfect for a first time out.
Neil took Seth and Ben to a hill at a park not too far away.
Seth was a natural apparently.
They stayed out for a couple hours and Seth had a lot of fun. Neil did too- he was so proud of Seth.
This little snowboarder is so cute! I’m sure you agree. I’m also sure you’re relieved this blog post is not about Ivy (again!) or me being stressed out or crying (again!).

You should also be able to check out a video of our little dude over here.
Wordpress is too cheap to let me put video right in the blog post, unfortunately. Anyway, click on over, you won’t be sorry.

One thought on “Snowboarding.

  1. Christine D says:

    Nikki – that was so cute! I think Seth is a better snowboarder than I would be. I probably wouldn’t have been able to make it down that hill without falling!

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