I’ve had four babies now. You know how some people have babies that look just like their brothers or sisters? I’m not that people. All of my babies have looked quite different from each other. Ben and Seth look so different from each other, it’s sometimes hard for me to see how they’re brothers (I’m sure that they are though). Oliver was born looking a little like Seth, a little like Ben, but mostly just like Oliver. Ivy is the same colors Seth was when he was born, but doesn’t really look just like him or anything. I think she has some of Seth’s features, some of Ben’s, some of Oliver’s (like his crying face). She just looks like herself too.
There’s nothing wrong with having kids that all look so different from each other, but I always think it’s so sweet when children all resemble each other.
Anyway, what’s the point, you’re wondering.
Well, Oliver has been getting bigger, and he got a haircut, and Ben’s hair has been growing, and anyway, look! They look like each other!
A lot like each other, really.
Finally, siblings who look like they came from the same two parents!

My sweet little couch potato brothers. Love ’em.


3 thoughts on “Siblings.

  1. Deanna McCowan says:

    Too funny! I’ve gotten Ben and Oliver mixed up in pictures many times. I totally think they look a lot alike. đŸ™‚

    All your kiddies have cuteness in common.

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