Seth and Ben both needed to bring Valentines to school this year. Last year we made pirate valentines, but I wasn’t feeling as ambitious this year. We went with an idea I’ve seen floating around the internet since last valentines day. This year it feels like it’s on every other crafty blog, so I’m sure you’ve seen it before, but that’s okay. I was a little worried every other kid would be doing this too, but Ben’s valentine’s party was yesterday and no one in his class did, so maybe we’ll be okay. And even if 10 other kids in Seth’s class do the same thing, I’m sure there’s won’t be as cute as his. That’s a pretty cute face, right? Ben’s are pretty darn cute, too.
It took a lot of work to get that cute smile out of Ben- he was in a pretty scowly mood when we did these pictures.
These valentines were quick and easy to make, and I love how they turned out.
Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


6 thoughts on “Valentines.

  1. Christine D says:

    Oh my goodness – those are so cute!! I guess I’m not up on my crafty blogs, cause I haven’t seen those before. They’re adorable! I was surprised again too – Megan made homemade valentines as well, (not nearly as cool as those though!) but she was the only one with homemade ones! Have a good day! πŸ™‚

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