A certain someone is turning four tomorrow.
Friends and family helped us celebrate his birthday on Sunday with a lego-themed bash.
I made lego cookies and lego cake, and we decorated with duplo and balloons.
Seth was so excited about all the food. He just hung out by the island, reciting all the different foods. “Cherry tomatos, broccoli, carrots, chips, cakes, cookies…” He went through all the foods a couple times. I think he wanted to make sure he memorized it so he wouldn’t miss out on any yummies later on in the day. Ben was very excited about his birthday party, even though Seth made very sure that Ben knew it was not his REAL birthday until Wednesday. I taped balloons to the ceiling. Don’t do that. It leaves little marks on your ceiling and then your husband is mad at you. Just sayin.
We sang happy birthday and Ben tried to blow out his candles. He never did get them blown out and someone else jumped in and blew them out before he could, but Ben didn’t seem too worried about it. How cute are these kids?! And then there were presents. The children swarmed while Ben opened hot wheels race tracks and lego and hero factory. All the perfect gifts for a four year old boy. A big thank you to everyone who came and blessed Ben with their friendship and gifts! It was a great day for Ben!


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