Ben :: Four

Happy birthday Ben!
Today you are four.
You are silly. Very silly.
It’s hard to get a picture of you not being silly.
You’re also good and kind and thoughtful and considerate. You love your family and always thank Jesus for everyone every night when you say your prayers.
You usually thank Jesus for our new house and your new bunkbed every night too, even though we`ve been living here close to a year and you`ve had your bunkbeds almost as long. You often throw in a thank you for gorillas and cheetahs too.
You`ve always been very sensitive, since you were very small. You cry a lot and sometimes it really drives us crazy, your incessant tears. But we try to remind ourselves that you`re just different than the other boys, and that one day you`ll be a wonderfully caring and considerate husband and father probably, and maybe have a career where you really use your heart, like a doctor or a vet or a counsellor or something like that. Or maybe you`ll just work at the Lego Hero Factory with your brother. That would be okay too.
You love girls already. Especially older ones. You always get all silly when girls are around. It`s funny to us, and sweet too. We can see you falling in love with all the girls when you`re older, and they`ll probably all be in love with you too- with your sweetness and sensitivity. And your handsome good looks too, of course!
You`re a really good brother. You play well with your big brother, and your little brother. I often find you singing to Ivy when she is crying and I wasn`t nearby. Whenever you walk by Dotty, you always give her a hug and tell her how cute she is and what a great dog she is.
You`re just an all-around good kid, Ben, and we love you so much.
Happy birthday kid!


6 thoughts on “Ben :: Four

  1. Auntie Lori & Uncle D'Arcy says:

    Happy 4th Birthday Ben!
    We love you too…and miss you and can’t wait to see you again sooooon!
    We wish we didn’t live so far away (BC)…thank goodness for this blog so we can watch you grow:)
    Give your Mom & Dad & your brothers & sister & your dog a hug for us!
    Love Auntie Lori & Uncle D’Arcy

  2. SkyQueen says:

    I read your story on design mom today and had to comment as my little Ben just turned 4 on 2/2 and they sound like peas in a pod. My most annoying and loveable boy. Happy day to your ben. (our boy 3 is due in 6 weeks.) thank you for sharing your story.

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