Oliver has always been our little troublemaker. He gets into stuff that the other kids never did. He always keeps us on our toes. One of his favorite places to cause trouble is the pantry.
The other week was an especially sticky week with Oliver. One day I found him with an open bottle of pancake syrup. Some was in his hair, some was on the couch. It could have been a lot worse than it was, and I took the bottle away and moved it to a higher shelf in the pantry. One day he got into a tub of vaseline in the bathroom. I managed to find him with that before it got too messy, thank goodness.
Another day after I finished getting dressed I came out to the kitchen and found Oliver sitting at the table with a container of honey.
He was just scooping his fingers in there and licking them off.
He just looked and me so sweetly and said, “Mmmm, ‘ummy!”
What a little turkey.
I bought a pantry lock after this incident.Good thing he’s cute!

3 thoughts on “Honey.

  1. mamamaa says:

    he’s into my shelves today, had the peanut butter out and took it to grampy, then he got the syrup and was licking the top…. gonna have to keep an eye on him – my honey is in there – syrup, nutella, all yummies…

  2. lydia purple says:

    hehe, sounds like my girl. she is Oliver’s age and that’s what I find her doing if I do not put everything up high all the time! Honey has been her favorite during the week licking it from her fingers just like Oliver,

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