For the baby.

Ivy and I have been blessed with two baby showers. Such a special treat to get all those pink gifts after all those boys! Besides the showers, pretty much everyone that’s come by for a visit has brought a gift too, or brought gifts to Neil at work- we are so blessed. Ivy’s closet is truly packed already, and I feel so loved on by all my friends (and my mom’s friends, too!). Thank you everyone!
One of the gifts Ivy received was a play mat kind of thing. It’s all pink and girly and cute.
Ivy likes it already.
And so does Oliver.
He plays under it quite a bit, and thinks it’s a lot of fun.
He’s even been found putting his little elmos under there, reading to them, and kissing them. It’s pretty darn cute.
We really are so thankful for all of our friends and family who have blessed us with such nice gifts! Thank you everyone!

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