Big and little.

Ivy and I have a nap together almost every day. One day a couple weeks ago, Seth climbed in with us for a cuddle. He fell asleep within minutes, which is unusual for him. He very rarely naps. I had to get up with Oliver and I left Seth snuggled up with Ivy. It was so sweet.
My two little brown-haired, brown-eyed babies. Well, I guess one of them’s not so little anymore, but he’s definitely still my baby.
That big boy has been sick the last couple of days. He’s had a fever and sore tummy and has just been laying around for 36 hours now. He napped for three hours yesterday and has currently been sleeping almost three hours again today- I just checked in on him and no sign of him waking up. When he does wake up, he just moves his sick little body to the couch and lays there till bedtime. It’s pretty sad. It really breaks my heart when my kids are sick. When I went to tuck Seth in for his nap, his poor little teeth were chattering so bad, and he just looked so pitiful, I just wanted to cry. Thank goodness for medication that helps him feel a bit better and get some rest. Having a kid sick makes me realize just how thankful I am that my kids are healthy. We can certainly handle a fever or the flu or a cold. It’s so minor. I don’t know how parents of very sick or chronically sick kids do it. It must be very hard and they must be very brave. I’m glad I’m not one of those parents. I hope my Seth is feeling all better soon!


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