Little fans.

Neil took the boys to a Jets game the other week. They had been counting down the days for 21 sleeps and were soooo excited.
They’ve really barely watched any games, since they’re always on after the kids’ bedtimes. They just know the Jets are from Winnipeg, and so are we; they know that their Dad cheers for the Jets, and so logically so should they. They are actually pretty big fans, sporting their Jets mitts and hats and t-shirts as often as possible. Seth actually refused to wear his Jets shirt for the entire three weeks leading up to the game. I told him I could wash it, but he still wouldn’t wear it. He was saving it to wear to the game. Neil said they had a great time. The kids were so excited about everything. Seth even did the wave with the crowds. Ben was pretty pumped that they got popcorn.
The Jets won, which made it that much sweeter for them. Go Jets go!

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