How to save money on groceries.

How to save money on groceries? Have your kids eat less. Easier said than done? Get them some strep throat. I think you’ll find they eat much less.
Another bonus: they sleep a lot more.
So many great things about strep throat.
Just kidding, obviously. Strep throat is running it’s course in this household and it’s been terrible. Seth has been sick since Thursday- barely eating, constant fever, sore throat, etc. He started on antibiotics on Sunday and is just finally starting to turn a corner. He actually ate a little bit today.
Of course Ben got it too. His fever started on Saturday and he just started antibiotics today.
Needless to say there’s been a lot of tv watching around here since Thursday.
I’m really just thankful that my kids will sit and relax when they’re sick. Poor kids.
Poor me, too. Two trips to the doctor in the last three days totalling almost 4 hours in waiting rooms. Thankfully my kids were well behaved. A nice lady in the office even told me so. I really love it when people tell me how good my kids are. It’s so nice to be paid a compliment by a total stranger.
So far Oliver is still healthy, thank goodness, and so is Ivy.
And speaking of Ivy, isn’t she cute?
Hopefully all this sickness is gone from this house by the end of the week- I’m getting cabin fever!

2 thoughts on “How to save money on groceries.

  1. Maureen says:

    Poor Ben! He looks so sick! Are the boys feeling better today? I LOVE seeing pictures of Princess Ivy, Post more please!!!

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