Closed for the season.

A few weeks ago we got a tonne of snow, but it was still so nice and mild out. It made for perfect backyard snowboarding conditions. Neil built the kids a little snowboarding park in the yard. It was pretty awesome.I was a huge fan because, for pretty much the first time all winter, the kids would go outside and play independently for as long as an hour or two. Our previous record was about 26 minutes, which was hardly worth the effort involved getting everyone ready to go outside. Seth really loves snowboarding and Neil spent a lot of time teaching him the basics. Seth was a quick learner. He had a few wipeouts, but always happily got back up and tried again. It was pretty awesome.It was a really great little park Neil made, and they sure had a lot of fun out there. The fun was short-lived though, because a mere two weeks after these pictures were taken, all the snow is gone and they yard is dried up. The temperatures have been around 20C the last couple days- twenty whole degrees about seasonal norms! Although we`re a bit sad snowboarding season is over, I`m thrilled that spring is here so early. It`s sidewalk chalk and bike-riding season and I love it! Bring it on, summer!


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