Two months.

Ivy is already two months old. She is a smiley little baby (although I haven’t managed to catch any on camera lately). She loves being the centre of attention and she loves getting kisses. She’s also turning out to be quite the chatterbox. (Evidence here.) She’s chubbing out and I’m guessing she weighs somewhere between 11 and 12 pounds already. Her thick hair is all still nicely on her hair; it doesn’t seem to be falling out so far and I hope that means it just won’t. I love all her hair and so does everyone else. Strangers comment on it all the time!
Although sleep is still the stuff of fantasies, we’re doing okay. Ivy is starting to sleep more often in her own bed instead of ours, even if it’s just for small snatches of time. In the last few days she’s had a couple good naps in her bed; about 2 hours each. It was amazing! Although honestly, I didn’t make very good use of my “free time”. I kept expecting her to wake up any minute, since she usually only naps for 30-40 minutes at a time. I hope we get more of those nice long naps in the near future. And maybe a nice long stretch at night one of these days? Wishful thinking.
She seems to be outgrowing her fussy evening phase and is usually out for the night by about 8 or so. She is usually ready to start her day by about 7 or so. Ivy is always full of smiles first thing in the morning and there’s not too much better than waking up to her sweet little face smiling at me.
The kids are loving Ivy more and more, of course, especially now that she’s cooing and smiling at them. Having four children is definitely crazy a lot of the time, but it sure is nice, too.
By the way, Ivy is so not a fan of being in the laundry basket. P.S. Remember when Oliver was 2 months old? I barely do…


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