It seems like we have been plagued by illness for the last couple weeks. The boys were sick, Neil and I both got pretty bad colds, Oliver is feeling rough with a cough and a case of the grumpies, and Ivy’s been coughing for the last few days too. It’s just been one thing after another.

Today was Ivy’s two-month check-up. Her doctor seemed a little concerned with her cough (at which point I felt like a bad mother for not being concerned!) and she heard some wheezing in Ivy’s upper airways. She thinks it seems like a case of croup and prescribed a steroid to treat it. If Ivy’s not better in 24-48 hours I’m supposed to take her for a chest x-ray. Babies + chest x-rays = my worst nightmare (I took Ben for one when he was 9 or 10 months old- terrible! Traumatized me!) Anyway, believe me, I will be praying so hard that this is just a case of croup and nothing worse like pneumonia or something. Poor Ivy.

The doctor was also a little worried because Ivy dropped a little on the growth curve, weighing in at 10 pounds today. She gained less than a pound in the last month, whereas she had gained a pound a week at her last check-up. I’m sure she’s okay and I’m not worried about her weight, but she has been difficult to feed with this cough bugging her. Hopefully it will clear up and she will be back to her normal eating self.

Anyway, much stress and chaos around here these days. My house seems to be falling apart, although Neil and I did manage to clean the bathrooms yesterday, and I am managing to keep everyone fed. I took all the children with me to the doctor’s appointment today and they sat unphased in the doctor’s office while I got my postpartum physical wearing a paper gown holding a crying newborn. I’m so thankful that my boys are so well-behaved when I take them places. After the appointment we zipped over to the store to pick up Ivy’s prescription. Where I quickly realized I did not actually have the prescription. I don’t know if I left it in the office, or the doctor forgot to give it to me or what, but curses, that was just not what I needed! Thankfully the office faxed it over to the pharmacy and then my dear husband drove over and met me at the store so I wasn’t alone with 4 kids nearing lunchtime/naptime/crazy time. He definitely helped me avoid disaster.

Now we are home. Oliver is sleeping, hopefully for a long, restorative time. Ivy is fed and drugged and dozing in my arms as I type. I am smelling delicious smells from the slow-cooker (thank goodness for a frozen meal from my mother before Ivy`s birth!). I am taking a deep breath and trying to “relax” before the boys get up from their quiet time (as one of them sneaks out right now asking me if they can watch tv instead of stay in their room). Hopefully all this illness will be over soon. Like, tomorrow. I could really use a break.

And because it’s always nice to end on a cute note, here’s a picture of Ivy. She loves having a bath every night- she would probably lay in there forever if we let her!

4 thoughts on “Plagued.

  1. Christine says:

    Such a cutie that Ivy! Hopefully she won’t need an x-ray! Megan had one when she was a baby too and it was horrible! You feel so terrible for the poor baby trapped in that contraption! I’ll offer my prayers for you too!

  2. Helen says:

    Oh I so understand you! I could have written this post.Someone in this house has had something since January. It’s crazy. We’ve had croup x2, coughs, colds, teething, and today Aimee and I are sneezing like crazy and it feels like my sinuses are acting up. I’m totally with you on the house falling apart and I can honestly say my coping and patience levels with the kids are being tested! As for the baby xray, experienced one of those with Becca 2 months ago (at 22 months). Felt like I was putting her in an instrument of torture! Hope you are all feeling better really really soon! It’s at times like these that I’m so thankful we are a 2-parent family!

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