Ivy’s still sick. Oliver’s still sick. Still much stress and chaos, but clean sheets are on the bed, the sun is shining, and the lovely breeze is coming in through the open windows, so I feel a little bit better about everything.
And because no one wants to hear about my sad happenings every single day, let’s talk about lemons. More specifically, Oliver eating lemons.
Oliver likes to try everything. “Tie? Tie?” he says when he sees you chopping something up or stirring at a pot. So when I was slicing up a lemon for my refreshing glass of water, he wanted in. I obliged because kids eating lemons is always good for a smile.

See what I mean?
Oliver thought it was fun too.
Classic lemon-eating fun.


2 thoughts on “Sour.

  1. kNN says:

    I was waiting for the “when life hands you lemons, make lemonade” quote 🙂 Especially after the last few weeks!

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