He’s 30 now.

Today is Neil’s 30th birthday. That’s a big one.
In the morning he got his first gift. I wrapped a bunch of little things in a whole lot of crepe paper streamers. It took him almost 15 minutes to unravel it all. It was fun for me. I’m not sure if he found it as fun as I did, actually.
We had tacos for supper, of course, and then some yummy chocolate birthday cake. It was delicious. Apparently Ivy doesn’t like the cake, or birthdays, or something.
And what was Neil’s BIG birthday gift? I got a tattoo. Yes, I did.
If you know me at all, you know that this is a big deal. I’m NOT a tattoo kind of girl, but Neil IS a tattoo kind of guy and he’s been begging me to get a tattoo forever. So, I surprised him. And honestly, I do kind of like it. Hopefully I still will in 30 years…
Happy 30th birthday Neil! We LOVE you.


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