A wee bonnet.

Did I tell you, Ivy and I are going to Hawaii next week!
I was on the hunt for a little sunhat for Ivy, but hats for babies come in such weird sizes. Like “0-12 months”. Because babies all have the same size head for the entire first year of their lives? Yeah right. It’s also apparently very hard to find a baby girl hat in any sort of neutral color. They’re all very bright and most hats were plastered with flowers or even in the shape of a flower. A little bit too much for me. The smallest hat I could find was sized 0-3 months and it did fit Ivy but it is hot pink with a ladybug on it AND a blue bow. It’s a lot going on for Ivy’s sweet little head.
Then I got to thinking, hey, couldn’t I make a hat for Ivy? I googled it, of course, and sure enough, I could. In a matter of hours I had started and finished a sweet little bonnet for Ivy. I used some of my favorite fabrics from my stash to make this cute little reversible bonnet using Prudent Baby’s simple tutorial. Ivy looks like she just stepped out of Little House on the Prairie. I mean that in the cutest way possible, of course.
The hat is nice and lightweight and should keep her little face protected from the hot Kona sun. Check out the cheeks on this baby…
Ivy loves her new hat!


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