Ivy and I leave in two sleeps.
We had some errand-running to do to get ready for our trip. And I needed to get my dry eyes checked at the eye doctor’s. I tried to convince Neil he could handle watching Ben, Oliver, and Ivy while I ran around buying myself some new summer digs and stopping at the eye doc. Neil said he would, but he seemed highly reluctant (aka terrified). I decided to take Ivy with me because then at least if I felt like it I could take my time shopping, and not have to worry about getting back to Ivy and a stressed-out Neil.
It started out smoothly. I drove in to the city and stopped at a store to look for some t-shirts for Ivy to wear in Hawaii. Ivy slept through the whole first stop, so I was feeling fairly confident. On to the optometrist.
Perfect timing, since I was a bit early and Ivy was due to feed. I would get there, feed her, and then she would sit contentedly on my lap while I had my eyes examined.
Not so. As soon as we walking in Ivy started screaming. She refused to eat. She only wanted to scream. Thankfully I was the only one there besides the receptionist, and thankfully it’s a family-friendly place. She did settle down enough for me to get my eyes checked, and then conked out on the way to the mall where I was meeting my mom, my sister, and my three nieces.
As soon as the stroller rolled to a stop the screaming started up again. Ivy still refused to nurse (although to be fair, I had convinced her to at least have two swallow-fulls at the eye doctor). I swaddled her up and she conked out again. My sister and I managed to do some mean shopping in a very condensed time period while our dear mother watched the nieces in the mall playplace. Aka hell.
Then I made everyone go grocery shopping with me in Wal-mart because I can’t fit groceries in the stroller basket, Ivy is too small to go in a cart, and I can’t push a cart and a stroller at the same time. So I pushed the cart and my mom pushed the stroller and my sister tagged along helping me make decisions like which sunscreen to buy.
By the time I was done getting my few groceries, Ivy was awake and fussing. I traded my groceries for my baby, gave my mom my debit card, and sent her off to pay for my stuff while I fed Ivy, who was definitely due for a feed by now.
Luckily Ivy quickly latched on and began happily feeding. Until she coughed 90 seconds into it and decided she was done with that for now and broke into wails once again.
I said fine then, and buckled her into her carseat in the stroller, met up with my mom, and out we went to load up the van and drive over to Old Navy where my sister and nieces would be waiting.
Got into Old Navy, tried to feed Ivy again. No go. She was happy now, though, and my mom carried her around the store and let her smile at herself in mirrors. That girl loves her some mirrors, I’m telling ya!
Zipped around Old Navy throwing things over the stroller. Picked up way too much stuff. Spent way too much, but whatevs, Ivy will be cute on the beach, and so will I. Hopefully.
Arrived home to a hot cooked meal of Kraft Dinner with a side of spring rolls. An unexpected combo, yes, but it sure was nice to just walk in the door and sit down and eat.
Ivy eventually had a good eat too, and is now having a nice nap.
Phew, what a day.
Thank goodness there’s only two sleeps till Hawaii.
And thank goodness she’s cute.


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